Australia is one of the most popular places amongst tourist when it comes to holidaying and traveling. This is mainly because it has a vastness of everything that you would possibly want to experience. Upon land, below in the ocean, you name it, Australia is capable of offering it to you. The month of October is usually the peak season, which declares the start of millions of foreigners flocking the land down under. People from around the world fly down in search of unforgettable experiences, and memories to last a lifetime. Although, Australia is rather sought after there are a few things that you should keep in mind before taking the actual plunge. If you are truly lucky enough to visit this beautiful country, you may want to make use of the few tips mentioned below.

Not As Small As You Think

Many are under the notion that Australia is a small country and can be toured within a short span of time, this cannot be more wrong. It will take no less than six to seven months if you truly want to cover the entire continent from one end to another. Although it has a low level of population, it is the same size as all the European countries put together. Planning on driving from Sydney to Melbourne for Melbourne sightseeing? Plan differently, because it is going to take you more than 9 hours of time on the road. Always make sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore the serenity of this vast country. Want to get from one city to another? Fly. Do not rush, and just take things slow, spending more time in fewer places calls for a better trip than spending less time in more places.


Unlike many European countries, Australia is considerably more expensive to tour but there are different Australia Tour Packages is also. If you take into account all the activities, as well as food and lodging, you would have to be prepared to pocket out around 200 to 250 dollars per day. It is highly likely that you would not be in one place, but rather travel from one city to another, and transportation costs will build upon your par day expenses as well. If you do want to try bringing down your costs, you should consider flying in a budget airline instead of a fully-fledged airline. Invest in a travel pass that will take you too many destinations rather than spending on individual tickets, this will help you save up a ton of money. Also, it is best you book yourself a place to stay through Airbnb, then a room in a hotel.

Koalas and Kangaroos

Everyone who goes to Australia goes with the mindset that there are kangaroos running wild and free everywhere they look. This is not as true as you would like it to be. It is highly likely you find a kangaroo in the wild, but far out of the vicinity of the city at national parks or reserves. If checking out wildlife if what you are craving for then Kangaroo Island is the place for you; just south of Adelaide you will encounter plenty of wildlife to last a lifetime.

When traveling to an unknown country, you wouldn’t want to be caught off guard. Therefore, take into account the above tips and you will be good to go.