Today, personal computers are available in almost every home. And where there is a computer, almost always have a mouse and keyboard. The greater the spread still have wired “rodents”, but more often we are confronted with their wireless counterparts, which are ideal to use for not only laptops but also for personal computers. Wireless mice – it is mobile and convenient. If you have a laptop, it is much easier to work with them. For presentations, the wireless mouse will be indispensable since you will be able to control the computer remotely. But there are problems, when not working wireless mouse. And it is not always at hand is a wired model. Of course, you should always have a spare battery. Also, no harm will be reserved by the two arms: wired and wireless. We will try to understand why the wireless mouse for PC not working and how to solve this problem.

First of all, make sure that your “rodent” is not got batteries. Wireless mouse and keyboard in the AA format batteries are required as power. Check them out of operation. Often even new batteries may not provide proper operation.

If you have a problem with the mouse, for example, does not work wireless mouse a4tech or the Microsoft, make sure the mouse is USB-connected to the corresponding port on the computer. Typically, a wireless mouse included is a small device that connects to a computer and transmits the signal. Check that the device has been properly connected, and try connecting to another USB on your computer. Perhaps you did not work itself, the USB port.

If you are not running a 2.4 GHZ wireless mouse might just hang program or the computer itself. Try to start to re-synchronize the mouse with the receiver. Microsoft has devices for that from the bottom there is a special small a button. Place the device near the receiver and other wireless devices, and you must remove them at a great distance. On the signal receiver, press the button and make sure that the light started flashing. If a computer monitor, as a result, appeared dialog box, then you need to follow the instructions given therein. If the window does not appear, at the bottom of the mouse, click on the button “Connect”. If the light is green and not blinking, synchronization devices are successful. If this action does not work, simply restart your computer. Perhaps the operation of the software was simply broken. If your wireless mouse requires some software, you may need to update it. For example, download the software for Microsoft devices you can on the official website.

If after all the action, it is still not working wireless mouse, it is most likely faulty. This you can check on another computer. In this case, you can take the unit to a service center where experts will tell you for sure why there was a breakdown or buy a new mouse. Most often, the second method is much easier, because you will save time and your work on the computer will not be suspended. Especially that the wireless “rodent” cost a bit.