Once I decided to dilute the boring process of showering and to bring some music. I thought that once there is a simple Bluetooth speaker, somewhere, must be waterproof, it would be possible for them to safely take into the shower (still with the music more fun). This too lazy to read, then I must say that although not 5.1 system, but that would have to listen to in the shower is quite standards, and the rest under the cut.

This review after a month of using this column came here in this jar and the charging cable from the USB of the functions: * the Play / the Pause *. The next track when pressed briefly, to make louder – at long * Previous track when pressed briefly, to make quieter – at long * Disable column * Respond to the call (there is a small microphone)In order to adjust the volume of the very long pressure must be kept on a second somewhere, at first hard to adjust to the most column sound level as necessary (all the time you miss), but eventually it turns out better and better. Just glad that the level of the column of sound and the phone is not connected, you can separately here and there to adjust. A microphone to talk about is not really bad audibility. Charging is difficult something to tell unequivocally, in the statement is written that during the charging indicator lights up red when fully charged it goes, but I charged up all night, and the indicator has not gone off. Charge this is enough for times 4 for half an hour approximately. The case itself is similar to the column rubberized plastic, rubber buttons, the design itself is good-quality, never falter. Sucker large, keeps well, and if more water and moisten the surface, then pull out the column from the surface becomes a no-brainer.

In general, after a month of using this Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker, it works the same as when buying (despite copious wetting). The only thing – rusted cogs, I thought at first they somehow protect, but always got this question. Then bring test, recorded on my phone in the test described by the column.

The speakers described the sound muffled as if the sound source is located in the pot and not as clean as in the normal columns. To buy or not the product – it’s everyone for himself, personally, I find this column quite satisfied, and the more I do not. If you want to buy it, I recommend that you get this from Banggood, as the iPhone Magnetic Charging Cable and iPhone Touch Screen Gloves I bought there also surprised me a lot last time.