Statistics calls to service centers shows that almost 85 percent of the people bring iPhone 5 with cracks or destruction of the body. Since this device is not cheap and the repair is expensive, indeed, the devices screens are very fragile, despite the use of iPhone 5 to create high-impact technologies.

In the manufacture of devices used hyperfine sensitive to impact and scratch the glass. To protect the device uses various tools, cases, covers, pockets, as well as a protective film for the iPhone 5. If you accidentally brush away the plate on the floor, then he will certainly fail. If the device will be protected with the help of some external cover, then his chances of “survival” increase sharply.

The most affordable, budget, and at the same time the most elegant way to protect the device from external influences is a protective case for the iPhone 5. Indeed, this protection allows you to protect the device from many household traumatic effects of rough handling, easy drop the keys in his pocket, and other troubles. If you buy cute iPhone 5 cases, for example, a baby monkey cartoon case for your iPhone 5, at the same time, the appearance of the device will be more beautiful, and the case provides the best protection.

For more protection, you can buy a protective film for your device. Thinking about the film installation is necessary immediately after the acquisition of the device, as the device comes in original packaging, after the removal of which the device will be left without protection. Therefore, for the iPhone 5 should be pasted immediately: it will keep the device’s screen in its original form. In addition, this protection should be changed periodically, so that it eventually loses its appearance and becomes unusable.