Small kitchens can be a rather difficult obstacle to overcome. This is largely because there is so much that you want to store in this space – namely appliances. After all, what modern kitchen is complete without an abundance of appliances to make your life as easy as possible? Well, don’t fret just yet because there are several guidelines that you can follow to make your selection and shopping expedition just a little simpler to manage. Here is what you need to know:

Look for Compact Options

Of course, since you are pressed for space, it can be a bit difficult to go with full-sized versions of normal appliances. For instance, depending on the size of your kitchen, you may find that a cooking range is just too bulky. Instead, you should think about installing a cooktop. In case you are simply renting out your home, then you can consider a portable version. If you really are set on having a cooking range, it is best to get your measuring tape out and to do some research. By looking around, you should be able to come across much smaller models.

Think of Creative Solutions

Sometimes, it isn’t about necessarily just getting smaller appliances. It can also be about being able to install or place your appliances in unusual yet space-saving areas. For instance, consider the under counter fridge. As the name suggests, it is essentially placed in the same position as lower level cabinets. In fact, you can even choose the same doors and panelling as your cabinets as well. These refrigerators pull outwards but have plenty of space and depth to store all of your food. Not to mention, you will also have much easier access to your cold foods.

Consider Multi-purpose Appliances

As mentioned, people are so dependent on their appliances because it makes their lives a lot easier. This is why many are loathe to keep even one item off of their list when shopping, even if there is simply no room for it. Well, a good compromise for this is to get appliances that serve two or more functions. Thus, you will be able to cut down on the overall number of appliances that you get. Of course, you should avoid buying anything that is too bulky, regardless of how many features it may have. These will just take up too much space and will just undo your original intent.

Only Choose What You Will Use

The final tip is that when choosing appliances for a small kitchen, it is best to stick with what you will actually use, at least in the beginning. After all, the last thing that you will want to do is to clutter up your kitchen with items that will remain untouched. So, at first stick with the ones that you are essential – a stove, refrigerator, microwave, etc. Then, think about adding a dishwasher and various cooking appliances.

These tips will make it a lot easier to choose appliances and still be able to enjoy your kitchen without feeling overwhelmed. So, make sure to stick to them!