Zac Brown, a country singer, formed Southern Grind. Zac is a real knife aficionado who started the business to fund his personal goal, Camp Southern Land. The company’s goal was to create knives that were symbolic of what Zac believes a knife should be: tough, dependable, and fully capable, born of cutting-edge technology and unsurpassed quality.

Zac is much more than a talented singer with a passion for blades. He’s the kind of person who makes an effort to support others. As a result, he established Southern Grind to provide a secure, healthy atmosphere for children of all abilities to develop life skills while working. Children who would otherwise be unable to obtain such an opportunity are given unique learning and social opportunities thanks to this support and other programs such as the Chris Kyle Frog Project.

Southern Grinder’s Blades

Due to the small number of knife types available, Southern Grind’s product line is considered niche. Even so, they do diversify their product line by offering a range of blade styles, colors, and handles.

The “Monkey” line is the most common, with two sizes: the bad monkey, which is the current size, and the spider monkey, which is a smaller pocket knife.

The existing blades are all locked in position and vary in size from neck blades to a massive, well-balanced knife.

The Spider Monkey

We decided to buy the spider monkey knife due to Michigan’s extremely complex blade rules. In almost all towns, the 3.25-inch blade is the perfect size to keep you out of trouble.

Drop Point, Damascus, Drop Point Serrated, and adapted Tanto blades are all available on the Southern Grind. Because of my cub scout affiliation and frequent use of a chain, we chose the sharpened drop point.

Blades are made of S35VN steel with an RC 58-59 hardness for non-Damascus models. The origin of the steel is a fascinating fact not listed on the website. All of Grind’s fixed blades are made with water jet cut blade blanks from commercial log saws. The actual method ” of blades used to cut wood over and over again heating or conditioning during their natural life cycle produces an extraordinary tempering process that could never be reproduced in a factory.

The Southern Grind Spider Monkey’s handles are made of carbon fiber, which makes them both light and sturdy. What is the degree of brightness? The Spider Monkey is 3.2 ounces in weight overall. The 6ALV4 tin lock and liner content also contributes to the reducing weight.

The pocket loop is high on the end, allowing you to tuck the knife deep into your pocket while still having easy access to it. The clip is also quite small, which makes it easier to view and less noticeable.

For the past 60 days, I have continuously used the blade. Despite the fact that it has only been used for a short time, it has proven to be extremely durable and has retained its razor-sharp edge.

At The End

Southern Grind Spider Monkey is a strong contender if you’re looking for an American-made blade that will last the test of time. Southern Grind provides a rare chance to do something for others while also introducing yourself to some American craftsmanship for those of us who grew up poor, like me, or who simply take pride in helping the community.