Most people think that creating a beautiful bed is complicated and expensive. However, you don’t have to break the bank in order to achieve a presentable bed. With plenty of bedding options to choose from, adding a creative touch is just what’s needed for everything to look perfect. You can even mix and match pretty pieces you already have to accentuate the bedroom. First of all, let’s find out the difference between coverlets, quilts, duvets, comforters and blankets and how they can be used to accessorize a bed.


This is a general term for filled bed covers. They are meant to be used as a top layer of a bedding but you can also usethem as layers to look unique. Bedspreads are made from different fabrics andthickness depending on the season you’re using them.


A cover is a non-reversiblespread that is generally used over thicker bedspreads. It is usually lightweight and has a thin batting layer making it perfect as a bed cover alone. Coverlet designs vary from quilted to woven and can be used as a decorative bedroom piece. Aside from being used as a bedspread, it can also be used as an attractive sofa throw to add colour to your living room.


A quilt is made of three layers: a woven top, a batting layer and a woven back. Thick quilts provide warmth during winter months but there are also lightweight alternatives to keep you cool on summer nights. Traditionally, quilts are given as gifts on important life events such as the birth of a child, weddings, and graduations. Because of its artistic look, quilts are now used as decorative home pieces. Aside from being a lovely bed cover, it can also be used as a wall hanging,tablecloth, sofa throw and table runner.Shop for stunning quilts online Australia and find one that matches your bedroom motif.


A duvet is composed of a flat bag with down or synthetic filling. The covering is made of soft material perfect to make bedtime more comfortable. Duvets are usually usedalone because it is easy to clean. Simply remove its filling and wash thecover. However, there are also available duvet covers if you want to change thelook of your bed.


Comforters are thick and filled with polyester, wool or synthetic material. The weight of its stuffing determines the insulation it provides. Usually, it is quilted or stitched around so the stuffing is held in place while in the laundry.Comforters are commonly used as topmost bedspread but they can also be used aslayering or any way you like.

Throw Blankets and Bed Scarves

Throw blankets and bed scarves are one of the simplest pieces that instantly transform your bed. You can use these to layer or accentuate the overall composition of a bed. Choose colors and designs that match the whole theme of your bedding for a harmonious look. Simply tossing them creatively over a bed adds a cosy yet beautiful appeal.

Now you know about the different bedding options available, try styling your bed and see which ones suit your preference. You don’t need to spend much on decor to beautify your bedroom. With these bed essentials, you can have a comfortable and beautiful bed.