If you are thinking about having breast augmentation, careful thinking and planning are important. You need to consider some things including that you will require a certain amount of time to recover fully. You need to settle on the best way and place to do it in so that nothing goes wrong.

Important Things To Consider

Size Of Breast Implants

Planning is important when you want to get breast augmentation. It enables you to think things through and make informed decisions. It begins with choosing the correct sizes of breast implants based on your body type. Along with this is keeping your expectations realistic. The surgery cannot change some things that come with your type of body.

For example, thin women tend to have a gap between their breasts that cannot be filled with implants that go with thin body types. If you choose big implants, they may end up looking too unnatural for you and result in more complications.

Breast Lifts

Breast implants are not the only solution for you. You can consider breast lifts for the best breast surgery results. Consult your doctor, and they will advise you on which of the two suits you. Since breasts fall naturally due to gravity and weight of tissues, the addition of implants may add on to that weight and cause more damage than good.

Discuss Implant Placement With Your Surgeon

The placing of implants is done I certain positions. You should consider the best position for your case and involve your surgeon because they know more about the subject. Positions for implants placements over the muscle, under the muscle or completely under the chest muscle. The various positions in their way affect how the implants will appear finally. Some positions like placement under the muscle can give a more natural look. The downside of it is that it takes a longer time for recovery than when the placement is over the muscle.

Following Post-Surgical Instructions

Following all the instructions that your breast augmentation Melbourne surgeon gives you after surgery is one more way to ensure that you get the best augmentation results. You should take any medicine given as prescribed. These help to prevent infections. Bacterial infections like capsular contracture, which causes hardening, or swelling of breasts around the implant is a complication that can be avoided. There are light exercises that your surgeon will recommend to prevent it. You also are advised to avoid strenuous activities that can cause damage to incisions and implants and slow your recovery.

Choosing The Right Surgeon

You should arrange for consultations with various breast augmentation Melbourne surgeons and then choose the one that fits you best. You can do your research about their qualifications and make a decision. Choose a surgeon with all-around skills not only in surgery but also in communications. Choose one who can answer all your questions and is truly willing to advise you or educate you where you might be lacking in knowledge about the surgery and all procedures involved. Lastly, ensure that you are comfortable with the surgeon of your choice.