Children are prone to get a cough and cold especially when they are younger. Their immune system is not yet well-developed which make them easy targets for infections. It really hurts watching your little one suffer sleepless nights, lack of appetite, weakness and many more due to these common illnesses. But we couldn’t totally shield them from everything bad so, chances are, they still get sick no matter how careful we are with them.

Studies show that an over-the-counter cough and cold medications for babies don’t really help them in fighting back those viruses. In fact, administering these medicines to them might even cause them harm than good. So how do we help our child in this battle against coughs and colds? Here are the best home remedies to comfort and help your little one during this hard time.


This is one of the best things to do when your child has a cough and cold. Fighting off infections needs a lot of energy so by letting your child rest you’re helping his body get enough energy to defend itself. Your child doesn’t necessarily have to be in bed all the time. Keep him entertained by quiet and calm activities such as reading a book, coloring, assembling puzzles, watching his favorite movie, playing his favorite app or even talking with a relative or friend on the phone.


Inhaling moist air decongests as it thins mucus in the nasal passages. It also gives a soothing effect to a dry and itchy throat. Relax your child by giving him a warm bath especially before going to bed. Let the steam accumulate inside the bathroom allow him to stay longer to inhale the vapor. You can also use Vicks humidifier and vaporizer overnight to ensure a good night’s sleep.

Nasal Drops and Bulb Syringe

This method helps you clear your child’s nose from sticky mucus and help him breath better. This one is good for younger kids who don’t know yet how to blow their noses. While the child’s head is tilted back, spray the right amount of nasal spray into his nostril. Wait for a few seconds to soften the mucus then gently suction his nostrils to clear his airway. You can also use a cotton swab instead if your child gets irritated by bulb syringe.


Give extra fluids to your child when he has a cough and cold. Fluids help thin the mucus making it easier to expel which relieves decongestion. Water is good but there are other creative options to make them drink more. Try giving them milk, fruit juice, and smoothies to make it more interesting. Ice pops are also another fun way of taking fluids.


Chicken soup or any other soup is well-known for its soothing effects on cough and colds. Warm fluids decongest and relieve flu-like body pains and symptoms. Spices in soup such as ginger and lemongrass are also known for its natural healing benefits.

Elevating the Head

You can help give your baby s good sleep by elevating his head. Prop some pillows under his head to elevate it and prevent congestion. Make a comfortable slope so he won’t fall or roll over as he sleeps.

These are the common home remedies for a cough and colds that are proven safe to be effective in giving relief to your child. Instead of turning directly to medicines, try these ones first and see which ones work wonders for your little one.