An addiction is quite common and most certainly nothing to be ashamed of. In today’s times where life is hectic and everyone is rushing about in a  bit of a rat race it is common that many people who are actually really responsible in their daily lives would also find that they have some kind of addiction issue. But the important thing is to not focus on the addiction and to focus on getting over that addiction and then maintaining it that way. However out of the people who get treatment for their addictions and then overcome it successfully some of them actually relapse again and have to go through the entire drill once more. Knowing what mistakes can cause this will help you help yourself or a loved one who needs it. Here are some of the main mistakes that you need to avoid if you do not want to relapse into your addiction.

Associating With and Being With People Who Can Compel You

When you are fresh out of alcohol rehab, for example, you will be advised to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. You know why that is? To avoid temptation and compulsive drinking. This applies to every kind of addiction really. If you have been a heavy smoker and you are now finally clean and you meet up with your old friends who all light up immediately, will you or will you not feel the need to at least have a couple of puffs from that cigarette? Do you really want to take that chance and throw away all the hard work that you have been outing in all this time? The best way forward would be to stay away from a company that can influence you negatively at least until you know that you have what it takes to be around them and not relapse.

Being Unwilling To Be Realistic

While you are undergoing your rehabilitation program you will definitely be kept away from stressful situations that could compel you to have a relapse but when you are out of that program you are on your own. Of course, there will be support groups that you need to be a part of on a regular basis but sometimes that may not really help in the heat of the moment. So how can you stop yourself from throwing away all your hard work? By walking out of that rehabilitation center knowing that you are going back into reality and that when reality happens it will just happen without warning and that you should be willing to face it rather than looking for escape routes that will do you more harm than good on any level that you can think of. Do not live in a bubble.

Not Continuing On Your Follow-Ups

If you have been assigned to a support group or if you have been asked to visit your therapy center on a weekly basis or so, understand that that program is in place to help you out and to make sure that you get to enjoy a good life after that point of time. Keep up with them and do not neglect them.