For many, the signs of aging are not something they look forward to. Men typically embrace the wrinkles. They feel it makes them older and wiser. But for almost every woman, it causes panic. They immediately go out and purchase every wrinkle cream they can find. And if they can afford Botox or plastic surgery, it’s already a “done deal,” so to speak. The main problem is that many woman don’t make a move until after they notice facial wrinkles. Why not try preventative measures?

With the market so flooded with creams and other facial products, no one talks about facial exercises. It’s no wonder that more people aren’t aware you can even exercise the muscles in your face. Facial exercises work in the same way that exercise for the rest of your body does. You’re essentially tightening the muscles in your face and tighter, smoother muscles means smoother skin and no wrinkles.

The wonderful aspect about facial exercising is that it can be used to rid the face of wrinkles and to prevent them. It’s never too late or too early, but isn’t it easier to start early? The facial exercise experts certainly think so! That’s not to say that if you have several wrinkles or a sagging neck that you cannot tighten the muscles again. You certainly can! However, you should not expect spectacular results in just a few months. It will take much longer and more effort on your part, but it can be done. If you start earlier in life before wrinkles set in, you don’t have to have the experience of waking up one morning to newly formed wrinkles. That will be one occurrence in life you will not go through.

Of course that does not imply that you should do facial exercises for a few months and assume you’re in the clear and that you will never get a wrinkle, ever. No, it must be a continual routine. If you were to spend years bodybuilding and then suddenly give it up, your six-pack ab would eventually diminish, along with your immense biceps! Bodybuilders and those who take care of their health don’t stop when they reach their goal weight or form. They have to keep working hard to maintain the body they want and you too will have to work hard if you want to combat wrinkles and sagging skin.

You can’t stop time. You will age and people will notice. But you can slow down the process in terms of appearance. With preventative measures, you can live wrinkle-free for quite some time!