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We’re looking for strong well-researched posts with actionable tips that provide clear examples of the points you’re trying to make. We prefer the content of more than 1,000 words.

Your post should be 100% original, not published anywhere else. After that, if you’d like to republish your article on your personal blog or other websites, please add a short disclaimer at the end of the post and link back to your original content on the GetResponse blog.

If you make a claim, back it up with links to research or case studies that confirm and back up your claims. Or, show us examples (visuals) of what you mean. The best blog posts include examples. BUT, please avoid citing our competition as examples. We’ll help you out with this.

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Since the readers of the Blognbuddy blog come from all walks of life, we’d like to keep everything simple. Please keep your content relevant to them.

This blog is a highly trusted library of knowledge where people from everywhere, come to learn and share best practices.

Please keep these points in mind when drafting your article. If you do, you can be sure that some of the most credible professionals will see your name.

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Perfect! Then submit your topic ideas along with outlines using the contact form.

If we decide that it’s the right fit, we’ll get back to you to discuss the next steps and what we’ll need from you to get your article published.