EO Energy Private Limited established in the year 2013, is one of the innovative business organizations involved as a manufacturer, trader, wholesaler, retailer, importer, and exporter. EO Energy Provides all size Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator with the latest technology functions. They provide high-quality good manufacturing generators and follow EPA standard rule.


EO Energy Pvt Ltd is among the innovative business organization involved as a manufacturer, trader, wholesaler, retailer, importer and exporter of a comprehensive array of industrial in Genset, Electric Motor, Canopy, Portable generator, diesel generator and much more.

Features of Genset Powered by Ashok Leyland branded Engine:

Low Cost Of Operating:

  • Significant fuel economy
  • Longer hours of operations
  • Economic price for spare parts
  • No run-in duration

Superior Up Time:

  • Robust design: demonstrated in the most demanding applications such as building equipment, material handling, naval and agro machinery.
  • Appropriate for continuous operation in Designed Oil Cooler
  • Search to bypass
  • Unmatched engine safety: LLOP, HWT, Air Pump Choking, CAF
  • Colored plane for pistons
  • Better Metallurgy: Ensures a longer period of repair and updating
  • The longer life cycle of products

24 X 7 Service Support:

  • Helpline No.
  • Easy access to spare parts
  • Facility of service

Best Product Performance:

  • Excellent capacity for loading blocks
  • The noise is extremely low
  • Low derailment due to high temperature and altitude

Better Genset Aesthetics:

  • Modular format
  • Power rating as per standard reference condition as per –BS 5514 / ISO 3046 / ISO 8528/ IS 10002.
  • According to ongoing product development, all technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Diesel generators are produced in various designs and colors by the approved OEA of VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd.

Equipment Company, a wholly-owned company, includes three production units, the Tractors Group, the Engines Division, and the Transmission Division. Perhaps the company is the only maker worldwide of both air and water-cooled tractors.The Engines Group provides advanced engines for stationary, aerospace, and maritime applications and has a strong presence in consumer, agro, and telecom industries. The plant is located in Alwar, Rajasthan, making 22-80 HP diesel engines and 5-125 KVA diesel generator packs.

The Division of Transmissions houses an advanced manufacturing plant in Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, capable of producing a variety of gears, shafts, and housings for captive use and OEMs.

Generators of different sizes are required for any industrial operation. Ashok Leyland generator sets are a sign of high quality and efficient mechanical and electrical efficiency which is known to produce high electricity.

The response time of this Ashok Leyland diesel generator is below 10 seconds. This electric diesel generator is mostly to work for significant at variable load. Few of the best features available in the diesel generator such as reliability

Features of EO Energy Ashok Leyland generator

  • Technology
  • We use heavy-duty engine & world-class alternator in Ashok Leyland generator
  • Our Ashok Leyland generator defining quantum engine technology with a fully integrated system
  • Authenticate electronic engine
  • We use advanced cylinder technology to meet the latest emission norms
  • Compact in size
  • Able to serve heavy duty
  • Environmental friendly
  • The Ashok Leyland generator engine is designed to meet fulfill MoEF norms, thus we are providing eco-friendly Ashok Leyland genset.
  • Our diesel Ashok Leyland generator is available with low noise pollution.
  • Low operating cost with complete warranty
  • All products are highly reliable & durable
  • All Ashok Leyland generators designed to work in high efficiency even at part loads.
  • We are offering the advantage of lowest operating cost
  • Complete warranty on the entire package
  • Power assurance
  • All major components like – control system, engine, generator canopy, and alternator are designed & manufactured under the observation of highly qualified engineers.
  • Best in customer support & satisfaction
  • Provide the services 24*7
  • Assurance for single-source power assurance

Apart from that, our Ashok Leyland generators are best in the market because of its

  • Energy efficiency & economy
  • Low noise & durability
  • Low exhaust emission
  • Easy service & maintenance



  • Range from 5 KVA to 2500 KVA
  • Product Design – Compatible and spacious
  • High capacity fuel tank size for long time operation
  • Super Silent facility
  • Eco- Friendly
  • Automated control panel
  • Multiple Outlets
  • CO sensor facility


  • CPCB Approved
  • ISO Certified
  • EPA and EU certified engine

Quality and Benefits

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Low oil consumption
  • High oil change interval
  • No scheduled Overhauling/Decarbonizing recommended
  • Low-cost spare parts
  • Best Life Cycle cost
  • Easy of maintenance
  • Maximum running time

Our Services

  • We provide the generator maintenance service
  • Provide long-lasting best  Ashok Leyland Diesel Generator

24*7 Customer support 

  • Helpline number available
  • Easy spares availability
  • Quick problem resolution

EO Energy provides 5 KVA to 2500 KVA wide range Ashok Leyland Diesel generator models. To reduce the risk of carbon monoxide gas, EO Energy features CO sensors in its generators, which automatically shut down the generator to produce dangerous levels of CO. CO gas is very harmful to our life, so it is very important to have a generator with a good and CO sensor.

The operating or maintenance of Ashok Leyland Generators is also very reliable and low cost. If you regularly maintain your Generator, it will give you a long-lasting operating service.